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Mon Platin Professional Black Caviar Multi-Action Hair Cream 12 in 1 250ml


Multi-Action Hair Cream An all-new, single action formula designed to provide four separate levels of vital benefits to the hair: appearance, treatment, protection, texture. Appearance: Leaves hair shiny and easy to control for easy, longlasting styling. Adds volume and holding power.  Treatment:  Repairs and rehabilitates dry and damaged hair. Loosens tangles and mends split ends.  Protection: Protects hair color and contains UVA and UVB sun filters. Protects against heat. Provides protection before and after various types of hair straightening treatments (Japanese/ Brazilian/American/French). Sensuous Texture:Leaves hair feeling silky soft. Makes combing and use of hairdryers and straighteners easier. Gentle fragrance leaves hair lightly perfumed.

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